The true measure of a campaign’s influence is how well the brand performs

SCD – Believe It

Sickle cell disease is a devastating condition. This PSA aims to provoke a real discussion, spark ideas, offer support, and bring awareness to the SCD community.

Forma Therapeutics

POC Video

A video that increased engagement by encouraging patients and caregivers to ask their doctor for Seysara by name.

Canadians Are Not Bulletproof

CDPG pressured those running for federal office with a message no reasonable Canadian could debate – that semi-automatic weapons had no place in Canada.

Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns

Simplify the Journey

Beyond the unpredictable flareups of ulcerative colitis (UC), current therapies can be complex and burdensome for patients. JYSELECA can simplify the patient journey.

You Can Do It

For people living with diabetes, the FreeStyle Libre system is more than just convenient, it’s freedom.


Translating the science of a life-extending non-chemo cancer treatment for patients.

Real Life Tested

DePuy hips and knees are put to the test, in real life.

The Standoff

There’s a standoff in the home. Who will win this birth control battle?

The Baby Bump

We used a positive message to tell expectant mothers about this 100% preventable disorder.

Extreme Measures

People will go to extreme measures to treat their allergy symptoms. Fortunately, there’s Aerius.